Resin Flooring International was established in 2016 as a platform for the resin flooring community to help develop best practices for the resin flooring industry.

The first major outcome in this area was the drafting of a framework for the future resin flooring training program – an international, industry-wide course aimed at getting all contractors up to a minimum standard and turning resin flooring into a recognised trade.

In addition to that long-term vision, the organisation is continually working at immediate ways to improve the resin flooring industry and support all the contractors, manufacturers, specifiers and consumers that belong to it.

If you believe in a strong, healthy resin flooring industry like us and can contribute or support the network in any way, please get in touch!

How the Resin Flooring International supports you:

Assisting Suppliers

We assist manufacturers, re-sellers and distributors by providing an international framework that enables clear and consistent promotion of the resin flooring industry. 

Assisting Contractors

We assist resin flooring contractors reach their full potential through better training and assessment. In some countries this will be recognised as a trade qualification. 

Assisting Specifiers

We help architects, engineers and designers to produce the right specifications for their projects. 

Assisting Consumers

We provide information to help consumers understand what their options are when wanting a resin floor.